Team Resources

Listed below are links that may help teams:

Presentation by Dr. Cullen Hayashida, of the KCC Kupuna Education Center
Auto Alert Lifeline (.wmv) movie [5.6Mb]
Japanese Robot Maid (.wmv) movie [6.1Mb]

2012 FLL Challenge Glossary of terms & meanings related to Seniors 

2012 FLL Challenge Team Resources page, with links to information on: 
Preparation (Coaches' Handbook, Products, Table Constructions, Storage, Coach Calls, Fundraising)
Project (How-To videos, FLL Blog posts)
Robot Game (Building, Programming, Curriculum)

Some Resource information to help start your team's Senior Solutions Project research

City and County of Honolulu

Elderly Affairs Division 

Aging and Disability Resource Center


Senior Information and Assistance Handbook - updated bi-annually listing of many services and opportunities for seniors with contact information 

State Department of Health: Executive Office for Aging

NXT Claw Tutorial
(Credit: L. Unemori, Baldwin HS)

NXT Claw Tutorial

FIRST LEGO Information:
Project & robot game rules / updates:  check back on early September

Information with helpful downloads:  

NXT Building / Programming: