10 - Step Jr.FLL Recipe  


  • 2 - 6 young learners between the ages of six - nine 
  • 1+  enthusiastic coach, can be parent, teacher, youth leader 
  • Lots of LEGO elements, optional WEDo kit 
  • 1 - 15 " X 15" display board 
  • 1 Show Me board, optional tri-fold science project board 
  • Lots of love and patience to share at all team sessions

  1. Mix the learners together using ice breaker games or team building activities.  Join in, praise them on their willingness to work together.  Practice listening and hearing as these are essential parts of teamwork. 
  2. Stretch their imagination with discussions and brainstorming about the season's theme.  Reflect and summarize.
  3. Read them subject information, show them pictures, get them to share their experiences with the subject.  Team members can show their understanding through drawings that include labels or captions, diagrams or flowcharts, pictures, or maybe even create a videos. 
  4. Discuss, discuss, do role playing and problem solving exercise to stretch their imagination about what their final idea looks like, feels like and even sound/taste like.  Own it, eat it, live it.  
  5. Build their final idea using LEGO elements to fit on the  15" X 15" display board. 
  6. Keep records (drawing, pictures, journal entries) and post them on the Show Me board, this is the journey of their project.
  7. Keep talking, questioning ad sharing with others to prepare them for the team review.  
  8. Participate in the Jr.FLL EXPO.
  9. Smile, cheer and scream.
  10. Have fun, learn and celebrate.

The Jr.FLL experience is the perfect gateway into the FLL program.   This program provides children with valuable time with the many LEGO elements.  Using the LEGO axles, bricks, connectors plus other elements, team members begin to realize each building block's potential while constructing and perfecting their project display.  Jr.FLL activities also help team members build and understand simple machines, simple programming, collaboration and more.   FLL becomes the next natural step for Jr.FLL graduates.

Participation in the Jr.FLL program involves the following costs:  
  • a)  $50 - National registration via weblink in August that will provide coaches with the seasons project and team resources
  • b) $50 - Hawai'i Jr.FLL EXPO fee via weblink to be posted in October

Hawai'i Jr.FLL EXPO is held annually at the Hawai'i FLL Championship.  

Learn more about JrFLL:  http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/jr.fll