FLL brings theory and practice together in a revolutionary program. FLL gets kids to combine what they've learned in the classroom with the latest technologies to solve the season’s challenge.

      Working in an environment that encourages inquiry and hands-on experimentation, team members fulfill project responsibilities modeled after actual professions. The roles they assume grant them the thrill of discovery as they witness firsthand how abstract concepts become concrete solutions.

FLL Teams are comprised of:
  • Three to ten young learners, ages nine to fourteen (sixteen outside the U.S. and Canada)
  • Two adult coaches
  • Mentors (optional)
Anyone can form a team—schools, home schools, churches, neighborhood groups, civic groups, clubs, troops, etc.

FLL team participants, with the help of the adult coach and mentors:

• Research the real-world issue presented in the challenge.
• Design, build and program an autonomous robot using LEGO MINDSTORMS technologies.
• Research and solve a problem faced by real-world scientists and present their findings and innovative solutions.
• Compete in friendly, sports-like tournaments with the knowledge that what is discovered is more important than what is won.
• Proudly celebrate their teams’ accomplishments.

Team members learn life skills, such as respect for others, appreciation of different perspectives, cooperation, perseverance and time management. As a result of the FLL experience, participants gain confidence, discover new skills and interests, and shape their futures—as they, in turn, shape ours. Learn more about how FLL works or find out how to get involved by visiting www.firstlegoleague.org.