District Tournament Results Form (ATTN: District Tournament Coordinators)

posted Oct 28, 2011, 11:23 AM by Beth Tamayose   [ updated Oct 28, 2011, 11:32 AM ]

Hawai'i FLL 2011 District Tournament Coordinators:  

Thank you very much for the support, energy and time you have put into coordinating the district tournaments for Hawai'i FLL!  Your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated.  

Below is a link to a MS Power Point slide that we would like you to use to list the tournament's award recipients and teams invited to the championship.  Each text area is a text box where information (team#, name, school) can be entered.  There is also room on the form for pictures from the event - each framed area contains a digital placeholder for a photo.  You are welcome to use as many or as few of these photo areas as you wish.  (Although images are nice to use, they are not required.)

Please save the slide as a .jpeg file* and send to stamayose@gmail.com for posting on the hawaiifll.org site.

Click here to download the Power Point template.

* To save a Power Point (.ppt) slide as a .jpeg file:

Once all your changes have been made, click on the File menu and select "Save As".  A separate window will pop up, where you can specify a "File" name (eg: "Save As: ________.ppt").  You will also be allowed to specify a "Format"; click on the dropdown menu and select "JPEG".  (It may be listed as "JPG" as well.)  If possible, please indicate your district in your filename (ex: "LeewardOahuDistrict.JPEG").